Sermon Series

On this Sermon Series page you will find numerous Sermon Series’ broken down into individual sermons available for free downloads. Currently there are sermons on The Revelation, Doctrine, Forerunner 101, Jesus The _______ and the Song of Songs. Check back with this page occasionally as I add more Sermon Series including Life In The Holy Spirit, Divine Healing and many more. I pray these are helpful for your journey in Christ.

  • Studies In The Book Of Jonah
    Studies In The Book Of Jonah
    ARE YOU RUNNING FROM GOD? Jonah tried. Recently I had the privilege of preaching through the book of Jonah and unfolding this fishy tale about God, nature and a disobedient Hebrew prophet. Throughout this short, bizarre, and powerful tale we get to see both Jonah’s heart and God’s heart on display and through them both, […]
  • Forerunner 101
    Forerunner 101
    It’s clear that we live in an hour of unprecedented pressures. There are economic pressures, social pressures, moral pressures, global pressures and religious pressures. What’s most important in the midst of these many pressures is that we don’t lose our way in Christ. Jesus promised us that in this age, pressures will continue. So it’s […]
  • Song of Songs
    Song of Songs
    Growing in passion for Jesus is mostly about understanding Jesus’ passion for us. In my reading of the Bible and in my opinion there is no other book like the Song of Songs when it comes to line upon line truths about growing in Passion for Jesus. This book is unlike any other book in […]
  • Doctrine Sermon Series
    Doctrine Sermon Series
    Encountering God occasionally and living in constant communion with God are two different things. Many people encounter God from day to day, but struggled to live in a place of constant communion with Him. In this series on the major Doctrines of the Bible we will learn how to create a resting place in our […]
  • Jesus The ______ Sermon Series
    Jesus The ______ Sermon Series
    There is a lot of information today about who Jesus is and what He is all about. The April 9th 2012 Newsweek magazine had Jesus pictured as a metro-sexual in the midst of Manhattan calling His people to “leave the Church and follow Him.” Lots of people are making false assumptions about Jesus while the […]
  • The Revelation Of Jesus Christ Sermon Series
    The Revelation Of Jesus Christ Sermon Series
    The Revelation of Jesus Christ is the great capstone of the entire Bible. All other 65 books throughout both the Old and New Testament flow in a stream making their way into the depth of the Revelation. It’s also the fourth largest book in the New Testament and the only book of the Bible titled […]